Thursday, December 20, 2012

figuring out how to spell column for this post was hard

I'm not kidding, I tried spelling it ten times, and I used the dictionary on my iphone and still could not figure it out!  I even asked Scott who has the super strength of being a decent speller and he tried three times and then said I don't know.  Finally I typed how I thought it was spelled into google and the predictive psychic genius that it is, knew what I meant. Yay google!  Google's psychic powers never disappoint, sneaky sneaky!

I hope everyone had a lovely and happy Thanksgiving, yes, I know it was like a month ago, but I still mean it!

Our Thanksgiving was great!  Everything went according to plan, no disasters, no drama.  Thank God!  I of course planned and planned so that I would not have to stress out because I do so very easily.  The entire family helped cook, my momma decorated and my mother in law cooked the turkey.  You have NO idea how much this made me happy.  I'm a vegetarian. The thought of having to touch raw turkey parts was not only super intimidating to me but also made me want to gag.  I am not kidding when I say I prayed several times hoping that I would not have to cook it.  Let me be clear - if I HAD to do so, I would have. I just did NOT WANT to.  I am super THANKFUL I didn't have to.  Noah got to play with his little cousin Essie and it was funny to see Noah's reaction to her playing with his toys.  I think he got a little jealous.

Here's Noah attempting to take his toy from her. Ugh.

All three of the older kids are doing well.  Avery cut off all his hair before Thanksgiving and Brooke had some dental work done to help pull a tooth up that wasn't coming up on its own.  Alec is continuing to work super hard in school to stay on the A-B honor roll.  

I found this little armadillo bobble head thing in a gift bag with all our wedding cards, that Scott bought each of the kids when we went to San Antonio together and it made me think about how Brooke, Alec and Avery have all grown up so much and changed so much since Scott and I first met.  They were all in elementary school.  Next year they will all be in high school. 

Here they are, literally, the day they met one another

And right before Halloween

I love them all so much! 

Noah's aunt Ginny bought him a pacifier with a mustache. Although Noah hasn't taken well to having a pacifier at all, he does like to stick it in his mouth of a few seconds and then spit it out.  I think he looks really cute with it! 

Okay so Avery and I enjoy memes, a lot.  Sometimes he and I will copy them just for fun.  One night we decided to put a piece of bread on our family cat, Bella, and of course she was completely dissatisfied with what he and I had done to her.  We thought it was funny though.

We put up our Christmas tree and Noah was super interested in it!  Here he is inspecting it!

We chose red and gold ornaments this year because red is my favorite color and red and gold happen to be the team colors for Scott's favorite football team.  Ten points in the cool wife column for me!

My parents will be here Saturday and we will begin celebrating Christmas, I am excited about that! I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful holiday!  

Lots of love to y'all! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

a little of everything

Hi guys!

I am sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER, but I honestly haven't felt like getting on my computer.  See, all my online activity happens from either my iphone or ipad, and when I update my blog I have to get on my laptop and sometimes, rather, most of the time, I am just too dang lazy to do so! Sad, but true.

Here's what we have been up to:

ACL - The Austin City Limits Music Festival - Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE music! I love live music and I always look forward to going to ACL. Last year I was a few weeks pregnant with Noah and if you did not know, I had the worst morning sickness - ever!  Not even two weeks after Noah was conceived I started getting sick which led to 4 months of round the clock throwing up.  I could not do anything. I spent 4 months in bed, hating life, because no one likes throwing up and I am oh so dramatic.  Anyway, I was lucky I got to go to ACL last year because I was so sick. And I had a great time. I was really looking forward to going this year simply because I would not be sick and I could go all day and stay all day and it would be delightful. The thought never crossed my mind that me going all day or at all really wouldn't even be possible because I was breastfeeding Noah. See, if you haven't noticed I live in my own little world.  Its a tiny problem if you ask me but this tiny problem sometimes leads to big uh-ohs. Just ask Scott.  He'd know.  So,  Scott and my dad went all three days and both thought maybe, just maybe, I could go and bring Noah for 1 hour on Sunday to see one person perform and then leave right after.  They saw lots of other kids and babies of different ages and figured it would be fine. Reluctantly, I agreed.  We took every precaution to make sure Noah would be comfortable and have all the things he would need and headed to Austin.  We walked into the gates and Noah instantly got excited, started cooing and kicking and I thought okay, this will be fine, one hour and he will be fine.  We ended up staying 20 minutes.  Noah got a little anxious with all the people which made me anxious and then we got stuck in a crowd of people and I was like I am done, Noah and I need to leave.  I apologized to my dad like a bazillion times and we headed back to my parents house.

Pumpkin Patch - Going to the pumpkin patch was so fun! I was so excited about going and all three of the older kids were such great sports about going and participating in taking pictures which was like SO AWESOME of them! Here are some of my favorite pictures from that day:

Avery turned the big 13! He is just growing up so fast!  Its so funny hearing him share his opinions on things because I am constantly blown away by what comes out of his mouth.   I am always thinking "oh hey, you're not the little guy I think of you as."

He is forever in my mind this guy:

Halloween - Because we live on a street that only has one side, we got like 5 trick-or-treaters.  This meant that even after promising my sister I would send some kit-kat bars down with my parents for her, I ate the WHOLE bag in TWO days. I ate them with breakfast, while making breakfast, for snack, just because, and whatever other perfectly logical reason I could come up with to have another. Whatever.  

Here are the kids in their costumes:

Brooke and Taylor - cute kitties, duh! 

Avery, Alec, Evan and Austin - Nerds (such a stretch), Brian from family guy (the peanut butter jelly song) and the grim reaper

Noah - A happy little Skeleton 

Noah is doing great!  Growing and growing and learning and learning!  I think something new happens everyday! He can say mum, da, and he makes a weird noise at the cat!  I think it's his version of a meow.  If placed on the floor he will roll and roll all over the place and even across the room!  He is getting the basics down to start crawling.  He knows how his legs should move when placed on all fours, and he can stay on all fours for quite a while before falling.  He just does not have the arm strength yet, but we are working on it!  Noah is also becoming a little independent.  He is perfectly fine sitting on a blanket playing with his toys.  In fact, he will try to wiggle out of my arms if he wants to be on the floor and if I try to play with his toys too he looks at me like "no, you had better stop and move away."  I ordered a play pen for him which should be here any day and I am excited for that!  I know he will be too!  

Everyone else is doing great too!  Alec made the honor roll which is a huge huge HUGE deal because he's dyslexic and everyone couldn't be happier for him!

Scott and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner and we are both looking forward to it!  We will have a house full of family and we love that! 

I will post again after the holiday! 

I hope your Thanksgiving is lovely!

Friday, September 28, 2012

feeling MEXcellent

Hi guys!

Last weekend my parents came.  They come visit every two weeks so if reading that gets redundant - you have been warned.  The most awesome thing about them coming other than getting to see them was that they brought my baby sitr! No, that wasn't a typo, you read that correctly, my sister and I call one another sitr and refer to one another in all we do as sitr.  We call each other that because when she was in the 3rd grade she wrote a Cinderella type fairy tale about me and since she could not spell sister correctly she spelled it "sitr."  Years and years later, we found the story and read it and laughed and started calling each other sitr.  Anyway, I was so excited that Nell came to visit! This is a big big BIG deal because she hates to travel by car on a highway or be in a car longer than 15 minutes.  Why?  Once she was run off road by a big truck and even though she was fine and her car was fine, it scared her and she has been anxious about being in a car ever since.  We had such a great time with her here.

The one thing Nell was looking forward to the most was getting to feed Noah bananas like she did with Avery.  Here she is feeding him and he loved it!

My parents bought Noah the cutest PJs that glow in the dark and I love them SO much I think they will end up being his Halloween costume while he passes out candy this year.

I am really fond of Noah's little face when he looks up and I finally got to snap a quick pic of him doing so.  I am SO in love with him! 

All of Noah's older siblings are doing well.  They all got new cell phones so they are pretty stoked.  Brooke and Avery got new iphones so the two of them are especially excited.  Alec got a way cooler phone than he had and he is excited about that! All three of them got their first progress reports and every one has either A-B or all A's so far.  We are encouraging them all to keep that up the whole year and then Scott and I are doing something huge for them!  Alec and Avery got new beds too! My parents brought the beds up with them when they visited and the boys got to put their own beds together.  A little man-training there. Ha!  My mom wanted to do all the kids' rooms and since Noah's is finished she moved on to the boys' "man-cave".  She is making all the kids' comforters, pillows and curtains.  So far everything looks AMAZING!  One day I will do a post of our house because I know some of our family wants to see it.  

Scott and I are good too.  Nothing interesting or exciting on our parts. He is mostly busy with work and I am busy with Noah.  Scott is taking me to see the native Texas butterfly exhibit at the museum this weekend that I have wanted to see since March.  I am SO excited! I am excited for Noah as well because he is starting to become aware of all kinds of  things around him, so I hope it'll be a good time for him too!  If I remember to take pictures I will post them. 

Now to the reason I titled this post "feeling mexcellent" -  The other day at lunch I made myself a bean burrito and I wondered if I could give Noah some of the re-fried beans.  I checked a website and it said he could have a little, like a taste of them and be fine.  So I let him try them.  Here is the video:  I am not sure it works on iphones or ipads, as I can't see it on either of my idevices.  Enjoy!

Lots of love to y'all 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Four month check up

Hi All

Last weekend we had a full house, something that Scott and I both love and want to be a constant in our lives.  Friday night we had Zerick (I think that's spelled correctly) and Soren over to spend the night.  They are Scott's late friend Darren's boys.  They are both SO cute and we love when they come over.  Alec and Avery love it too.  It's basically junk food, video game and computer game night when they are all together.  Or geek time in short.  My parents came up for the weekend and stayed the night Saturday and Scott's sister Ginny came and stayed the night as well.  Saturday day Scott's mom and Aunt Netti came over for a few hours. I told Netti about a recipe I found on Pinterest for mint brownies and she basically told me to make them immediately. Ha!  They were really good.  I had to modify the recipe a little because some of the desserts on Pinterest are ridiculously terrible for you.  As in, fattening to an extreme even I gag about and my friends, I LOVE fattening desserts.  

This week has gone by pretty quickly.  Noah had his 4 month check up and shots yesterday.  It went pretty well.  And by well, I mean, no panicking or freaking out for me (God does answer prayers). Although, I have to admit I was a little nervous. Noah pulled all his best tricks for the doctor - cooing at her and rolling over for her.  He did cry getting his shots and was fussy last night and has been so a little on and off today.  Poor baby. Here are Noah's stats: he is still in the 25th percentile for weight coming in at 13 1/2 pounds and is in the 95th percentile for height at 26 1/2 inches.  He is long and skinny.  Not a big surprise. Scott is long and skinny and I am long and semi-skinny, well, mostly kind of skinny.

Here is Noah getting his check up from his doctor

And here's what shots do to Noah

Brooke, Alec and Avery are all adjusted to being back in school.  However, they are not adjusted to the homework.  This year it is a lot for all three of them.  Brooke has hours of homework each night and Avery and Alec are not too far behind.  All three of them have committed to making the honor roll this year, so we are hoping that they all reach their goal.  

Some pictures of our week so far:

Noah playing in the car with Scott before taking Avery to school 

Noah helping daddy work (I think) they may really be checking football or baseball scores

These last four I took this morning - they are blurry but he was playing with his blanket and laughing and cooing at me, in other words, being SO cute!  In the last picture, please excuse and ignore my witch hand. ;D

Love to y'all

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of school and all

Here goes!

Last Monday was the kids' first day back to school.  Brooke started high school and was not nervous a bit!  I think I asked her at least a hundred times if she was and she kept telling me no.  She is much braver than I am!  I was always super nervous weeks before school started every year. Avery started a new school, again.  His eighth one (he likes to point that out.)  Last year Avery was able to go to the same school as Brooke and Alec even though it was out of district for him.  However when Avery's 8th grade schedule came in the mail, he had been automatically enrolled in the school closer to our house.  After inspecting his schedule a few times he decided he wanted to go to the new school.  His decision was based on the fact that his schedule had "cool" classes.  All three of the kids had a good first week and Avery has made a friend.

Scott continues to improve daily!  He is eating a hundred percent normal and has not had a single problem in months.  Yes months.  I am very happy about that!  Work is beginning to pick up for him again too which is nice!

Noah is getting bigger and bigger by the minute.  These past four months have flown by and he learns something new everyday!  He loves music and reading the most out of all the activities we do daily. He recently discovered the cat and now she catches his eye a lot. I have started letting him have a half teaspoon of mashed banana in the morning because for the past few weeks he has been lusting after our food. He will sit and watch us eat and attempt to grab things off our plates or out of our hands.  Speaking of grabbing, Noah wants to grab EVERYTHING!  If something catches his eye, he wants it and then will turn his whole body to try to get it! While being changed he grabs for the wipes, while laying in bed, he grabs for Scott's or my iPhone.  He wants my cup and he wants to turn the pages of whatever book I am reading to him. I could go on and on.  I started taking Noah on morning walks and he enjoys them as much as he can, we have gone everyday for the past week and a half and today was the only day he got upset and we had to turn straight around.

I am doing well too! I am finally starting to feel like myself again. A little less crazy but still just enough to keep things interesting. I'm kidding. Kind of.  Noah has his 4 month check up and shots next week, and I am NOT looking forward to that.  Maybe the crazy will come back after that?! Who knows?!

Lots of love to y'all!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Here are some pictures I wanted to share with y'all!  I'll do an update on everyone in the next post as I am not sure how long Noah will be napping.

Here is Noah and his daddy playing which is Noah's absolute favorite thing to do.

Noah does NOT like mommy to interrupt his play time with daddy and when I do, I get this look:

Noah has begun teething, he loves to chomp and chomp on everything!

I LOVE this picture SO much! 

Reading with Avery - notice how he is giving me that look again. Ha!

Just hanging out!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lazy with a capital "L"

Its been like three weeks since I have updated this. Three whole weeks. Ouch. I am lazy with a capital "L."

Oh well.

I am posting videos so hopefully that makes up for the fact that I am so lazy.

Noah had his two month check up and shots.  This my friends was a terribly horrible experience.  The Dr we saw told us that Noah was in the 25th percentile -which means he is small in terms of weight compared to his peers.  This should not be a big deal.  Some babies are smaller and some bigger.  Whatever.  She then asked me if I was having problems breastfeeding or if I suspected I wasn't making enough milk.  Shocked I said no.  And then she "encouraged" me to feed him more.  Excuse my language, but what the "F?!"  Really?!    I immediately started to panic on the inside.  Am I having issues?!  Am I not feeding him enough?!  After I descend into extreme paranoia and self doubt, Noah got his shots.  Thankfully Scott was there to help for that. I could not have done that alone.  Now I have to confess that having Noah has turned me into a uber paranoid nutcase (more so than usual, which is a lot so its now like a lot, a lot.)  I spent the entire car ride home in silence.  Scott kept trying to talk to me and was unsuccessful.  He even ordered me take out from a super yummy Mexican restaurant because he sensed something was wrong.  For those of you thinking it, yes I am easily influenced by food.  Sweets and Mexican food make me happy. I will never pass either up. Never. After I ate I felt a little better.  But the panic and fear in me about not feeding Noah enough did not go away.  It festered.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Noah reacted negatively to his shots.  He was miserable for 2 1/2 days afterward.  Needless to say I was so stressed out.  Scott spent those two days after the appointment asking me what was wrong, and finally I told him.  He looked me dead in the face and said "that's not what she said" after I shot him my death glare (I am so sweet) I asked then what DID she say and he told me she said IF Noah appears to still be hungry after a feeding - feed him more, if you aren't able to feed him enough feel free to supplement with formula.  Well.  Okay. I didn't recall THAT part of the conversation. I did tell him that, that is the way she made me feel. And he told me I was crazy - he's captain supportive, can't you tell?! Anyway, the extreme paranoid fear I had after the appointment continued for another week.  In fact I am still bothered by it a little. Maybe a lot.

Scott, Noah and I finally got to meet Esther - Noah's dear little cousin who was born one week and one day after him, on Scott's birthday!  She was darling!  Noah and Esther took turns checking each other out and crying and causing the other to cry.  It was really cute!  My favorite picture from this visit is this one because they are both looking at the other like who are you and why are you with MY mom?!

Here is little Noah doing what he does best, playing and smiling with his daddy! 

Scott, Noah and I at my parent's house for my dad's birthday, Noah is totally not interested in being photographed

Noah reached two milestones this past week.  Laughing and rolling from his belly to his back. Time really is flying.  Its bittersweet. 

Brooke, Alec and Avery are well.  Brooke visited her friend in San Diego last week and she and Alec are headed to Oklahoma with their mom this week.  Avery has been home for about two weeks after his one month visit from my parent's house and a week with his auntie Nell.

Scott is still improving daily! He can eat breakfast like a normal person.  Whatever that means.  He and I are now breakfast buddies. Its cute and I love it!

I am trying to find time to start working out. I am sure you noticed that I was totally out of breath tossing Noah in the air on the first video.  Ha! My p90x dvds have been calling my name, but thus far, I have been avoiding them.  I did manage to do one ab workout. I was sore for three days.  Don't tell anyone about that! Wish me luck!

Lots of love to you

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A weekly recap (kind of)

My plans never ever ever work out. Perhaps it's just me (it is!) or perhaps it is something else.  I was hoping that I would have more time to update this for everyone but I do not.  At least not right now.  Actually, I blame Scott. It HAS to be his fault. When in doubt blame the hubby. Ha!

Anyway here's what we did this last week plus a few days:

Sunday - My parents headed home to Harker Heights with Avery - he will be back this Saturday.  I can't wait to see him! It has been two whole weeks and I miss him so much!  Chuck and Sarah stopped by for a few hours and hung out with us, which was so fun!

Monday - Scott, Noah and I had our first official day together since returning home after all the hospital drama.  We took it easy! It was perfect!

Tuesday - We took it easy again!

Wednesday - We took Noah to meet his great great Aunt Nettie.  He slept the whole three hour visit!  I absolutely adore Nettie!  She's THE definition of an old southern belle and she is SO sassy!  She's the kind of lady I want to be when I am her age. She told Scott and I a story about her father in law.  He was a preacher and he was long winded with a habit of talking after 12pm (I guess that church should have been over by that time.) One day she told him if he didn't stop talking by 12 she was going to start coughing really loudly so he knew it was time to stop.  And she did.  His sermon went past 12 o'clock and she started coughing. She said he looked right at her and she kept coughing and he ended the sermon.  When her sister told her she could not do that she said "Well I did." HA!

Thursday - We had just Alec over to stay the night and we got him take out from one of his favorite places to eat, The Olive Garden.  Scott spent some time with Alec upstairs watching "boy" movies.  It was really nice to be able to spoil him a little and give him some individual attention.

Friday - Scott and I went to Home Depot and bought some stain, so we could, or he could start one of the many DIY projects I want done.  He did a small amount of staining and showed me what he did and I said "Oh no! That is NOT how I wanted it to look, at least not how it looked in my head."  A second trip to HD is happening this week!

Saturday and Sunday - We had both Brooke and Alec for the weekend.  We hung out and had family over.  Scott's mom, and sisters, Ginny and Ally along with her friend visited for a few hours on Sunday and it was a lot of fun!

So far this week Scott, Noah and I have been just hanging out at home, enjoying our time together.  Noah has grown out of all his newborn clothes and diapers.  I was teary-eyed gathering up all his little things and getting all his 3 month stuff together and ready to be worn.  My sister's mother in law gave me some pretty good advice that I keep telling myself:  the days may seem really long right now but the truth is the years go by so quickly. Enjoy the time you have even when its hard for you to do!  Scott and I are both trying so so hard to just enjoy Noah in every single way we can right now.

Here's Noah in his THREE month pjs.  Both sad and so cute!  So cute not just because he's my son but because he has my favorite dinosaur on his feet.

Here are some other pictures from the week:

I made this onsie for Noah to wear home from Harker Heights.  It says heart my dad.

 Here is Noah sleeping in his Maya Wrap! I wanted this thing so bad and my mom and dad surprised me and sent it to me!  It is the best hippie carrying thing for your baby!  It took me a while to get Noah comfortable in it, he would protest being in it so much, but not anymore.

Noah got Scott's pointy elf ears and so we have been jokingly calling Noah an "angry elf" whenever he gets really mad, in reference to the movie ELF.  Here is an example of Noah being an "angry elf" after I put a giraffe hat on him. Let me just say he hates hats!  Like absolutely detests them!  Naturally, I thought it would be funny to put one on him anyway.  I know, I know, mom of the year over here.

Lastly here is Scott putting Noah's stroller together!  It came today, a day early!  The plan is to start taking Noah on morning walks tomorrow after breakfast. Wish us luck!

Lots of love to y'all

Friday, June 22, 2012

Playing and SMILING!

Here's a video of Noah smiling and playing with me.  Enjoy! Pretend to not notice the 4 baskets of clean laundry in the background.  Please. Ha!

Last week at Papa and Mamoo's

The last week at my parents house was filled with visitors of all kinds; both family and Arthropods. No. Not aliens. Bugs.  I caught a centipede, Avery caught a scorpion.   The centipede I caught happened to be the biggest one I have ever seen in real life and the prettiest.  I know it's strange to call a centipede pretty BUT this guy (or gal) had the brightest orange legs!  Side note:  he is still alive in the picture and he was let go in the woods.  I do not kill bugs or other things, I put them back outside where they belong.  Most of the time.

Noah finally got to meet his uncle Nick which was so exciting!  Noah also got to play with his cousin Blake which was so cute to see.

Noah got to spend lots and lots of time sleeping on his Papa and playing with his Mamoo.

Scott spent the week resting and recovering alone at home.  I am beyond happy to report:  he is doing pretty good now!  He has gained weight and is eating regularly.  Thank God!  I am looking forward to him being sick as a distant memory. I want to be like, oh yeah, I vaguely remember you being so sick.  I really do! 

Brooke, Alec and Avery are well! Brooke is helping take care of a family members cats and has been hanging out with friends.  Alec and Avery have been busy perfecting their video game playing skills. Avery is also helping with the yard work at both his Aunt Nell and Mamoo's houses.

As for me: other than taking care of Noah, I did get something I really, really wanted:  

Mmmhmm.  Finally.  I am only two chapters into it, but it is soooo good!

That's it for this update, I'm posting two more.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The past month

Hi Family and friends,

This is late. Really late. I am so sorry about that, we have had a ton of things both good and bad happen during this past month.  I am going to catch everyone up on all of it.  This may be long, but I will try not to have it reach novel proportions. 

Noah's first official outing was to a vineyard, cause you know, we keep it classy here in Texas. The vineyard is owned by old family friends of Scott's and is called Eden Hill Winery, it's located in Celina which is about 20 minutes North-West of us.  This place is beautiful! It was so much fun! I am not a wine person at all and I was fascinated by everything I had learned during our visit.  I now have an appreciation for wine and the care that goes into making it.  They have an orange flavored wine that is made from grapes that taste like oranges and it was so so SO good! The name of the wine is Orange Muscat.  Buy some. Buy some for your friends. Buy some for me! I promise it really is THAT good! 

One Wednesday evening with the kids we tried to make homemade pizzas.  Including the dough.  It was a total miss.  The dough tasted really doughy, and not in a good way, disgustingly so.  We all ended up eating the toppings off our pizzas and throwing the dough part away.  Oh well.  If you happen to have a really yummy pizza dough recipe please send it my way!  I am sure the kids will appreciate it! Ha! 

The kids are all officially on summer vacation, living it up a little.  They are all doing great and have been great older siblings to little Noah.  

As you all know Scott had his gallbladder removed two days before Noah was born.  Gallbladder removal is a difficult adjustment for anyone to have to deal with.  You have to completely adjust your diet and things you once loved to eat you may not get to eat again depending on how well your body adjusts after the surgery.  Scott is dealing with some complications right now because of the surgery.  He has been in the hospital for about a week.  He had an infection (now he is prone to them) and his pancreas was inflamed (common after gallbladder removal and from what I read online a recurring event for many.)  He was in a lot of pain and just super sick.  I am happy to say that he is doing really well and hoping to go home tomorrow.  He is going to have to take it super slow with eating and introducing foods back into his diet.  The thing I find the most strange about his diet now is that foods that are considered good and what are usually encouraged to be eaten, he can not have.  No high fiber, no whole wheat pastas or breads.  He gets to eat the bad stuff. Lucky him. 

I am doing okay, I am staying with my parents this week and stayed with them last week because I was driving Scott crazy.  I was driving myself crazy too.  I am a little OCD.  I am not ashamed or embarrassed or try to hide it.  My OCD ways have had to be put on the back-burner because I have been taking care of Noah and I don't have the time to sweep and vacuum everyday.  This bothers me.  Bothers me to the point that it was making me bitter.  I would see something on the ground and want to cry.  I am lucky to have a husband who helps out and wants to help out, but after he would clean something, I would just see what he missed or did wrong and not appreciate it at all, in fact I would flat out tell him he did a bad job.  I know. It was pretty terrible.  During my parents' visit Scott suggested I go down to Harker Heights with them to relax and not have to worry about anything but Noah and myself.  I thought it was a great idea.  I came back down this week because he is in the hospital and he didn't want me to be alone.  Avery and the family cat came too! Being with my parents gave me the opportunity to surprise my grandmother at work with Noah so she could meet him!  Noah behaved so well meeting her and visiting with the lovely ladies at the family business!  He even peeked up at his GG! It was so CUTE!

While visiting my parents I had the opportunity to spend time with Audrey and Hope, they are my family by God's grace - not blood related but family in every way else.  When I worked at Sam Goody I met a guy name Nick that became like a brother to Nell and I.  The three of us did everything together.  Audrey married Nick and I got another sister and a niece and now a nephew Blake.  I love the fact that Nick's son and mine get to grow up knowing one another, just like we did!  Anyway, my mom can sew and she helped teach Hope how to use her sewing machine.  

Noah has learned that car seat equals sleep.  It is so funny to watch him look around and figure out he is in it and then pass out.  He did so well on our trips back and forth to Mckinney, a 3 hour drive.

Noah is also a great sleeper!  He wakes up only one or two times a night!  Mostly just once, but every now and then he will wake up twice.  I am super thankful he is a good sleeper!  I am hoping he follows in Avery's footsteps and sleeps through the night at two months too.  He is also becoming more and more alert.  I am having to entertain him during the day.  I take him outside and show him toys and ring bells for him so that he can turn toward the sound.  I play classical and jazz music for him in the mornings.  He is really strong too.  He wiggles around on the bed and has rolled himself over from back to belly a few times.  Each time he has he looks up like "what was that?!"  Its adorable!

Now that Noah is on a "schedule" and I use that term lightly, I think I will have time to update like I originally planned.  Wish me luck!  LOL