Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lazy with a capital "L"

Its been like three weeks since I have updated this. Three whole weeks. Ouch. I am lazy with a capital "L."

Oh well.

I am posting videos so hopefully that makes up for the fact that I am so lazy.

Noah had his two month check up and shots.  This my friends was a terribly horrible experience.  The Dr we saw told us that Noah was in the 25th percentile -which means he is small in terms of weight compared to his peers.  This should not be a big deal.  Some babies are smaller and some bigger.  Whatever.  She then asked me if I was having problems breastfeeding or if I suspected I wasn't making enough milk.  Shocked I said no.  And then she "encouraged" me to feed him more.  Excuse my language, but what the "F?!"  Really?!    I immediately started to panic on the inside.  Am I having issues?!  Am I not feeding him enough?!  After I descend into extreme paranoia and self doubt, Noah got his shots.  Thankfully Scott was there to help for that. I could not have done that alone.  Now I have to confess that having Noah has turned me into a uber paranoid nutcase (more so than usual, which is a lot so its now like a lot, a lot.)  I spent the entire car ride home in silence.  Scott kept trying to talk to me and was unsuccessful.  He even ordered me take out from a super yummy Mexican restaurant because he sensed something was wrong.  For those of you thinking it, yes I am easily influenced by food.  Sweets and Mexican food make me happy. I will never pass either up. Never. After I ate I felt a little better.  But the panic and fear in me about not feeding Noah enough did not go away.  It festered.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Noah reacted negatively to his shots.  He was miserable for 2 1/2 days afterward.  Needless to say I was so stressed out.  Scott spent those two days after the appointment asking me what was wrong, and finally I told him.  He looked me dead in the face and said "that's not what she said" after I shot him my death glare (I am so sweet) I asked then what DID she say and he told me she said IF Noah appears to still be hungry after a feeding - feed him more, if you aren't able to feed him enough feel free to supplement with formula.  Well.  Okay. I didn't recall THAT part of the conversation. I did tell him that, that is the way she made me feel. And he told me I was crazy - he's captain supportive, can't you tell?! Anyway, the extreme paranoid fear I had after the appointment continued for another week.  In fact I am still bothered by it a little. Maybe a lot.

Scott, Noah and I finally got to meet Esther - Noah's dear little cousin who was born one week and one day after him, on Scott's birthday!  She was darling!  Noah and Esther took turns checking each other out and crying and causing the other to cry.  It was really cute!  My favorite picture from this visit is this one because they are both looking at the other like who are you and why are you with MY mom?!

Here is little Noah doing what he does best, playing and smiling with his daddy! 

Scott, Noah and I at my parent's house for my dad's birthday, Noah is totally not interested in being photographed

Noah reached two milestones this past week.  Laughing and rolling from his belly to his back. Time really is flying.  Its bittersweet. 

Brooke, Alec and Avery are well.  Brooke visited her friend in San Diego last week and she and Alec are headed to Oklahoma with their mom this week.  Avery has been home for about two weeks after his one month visit from my parent's house and a week with his auntie Nell.

Scott is still improving daily! He can eat breakfast like a normal person.  Whatever that means.  He and I are now breakfast buddies. Its cute and I love it!

I am trying to find time to start working out. I am sure you noticed that I was totally out of breath tossing Noah in the air on the first video.  Ha! My p90x dvds have been calling my name, but thus far, I have been avoiding them.  I did manage to do one ab workout. I was sore for three days.  Don't tell anyone about that! Wish me luck!

Lots of love to you