Friday, September 28, 2012

feeling MEXcellent

Hi guys!

Last weekend my parents came.  They come visit every two weeks so if reading that gets redundant - you have been warned.  The most awesome thing about them coming other than getting to see them was that they brought my baby sitr! No, that wasn't a typo, you read that correctly, my sister and I call one another sitr and refer to one another in all we do as sitr.  We call each other that because when she was in the 3rd grade she wrote a Cinderella type fairy tale about me and since she could not spell sister correctly she spelled it "sitr."  Years and years later, we found the story and read it and laughed and started calling each other sitr.  Anyway, I was so excited that Nell came to visit! This is a big big BIG deal because she hates to travel by car on a highway or be in a car longer than 15 minutes.  Why?  Once she was run off road by a big truck and even though she was fine and her car was fine, it scared her and she has been anxious about being in a car ever since.  We had such a great time with her here.

The one thing Nell was looking forward to the most was getting to feed Noah bananas like she did with Avery.  Here she is feeding him and he loved it!

My parents bought Noah the cutest PJs that glow in the dark and I love them SO much I think they will end up being his Halloween costume while he passes out candy this year.

I am really fond of Noah's little face when he looks up and I finally got to snap a quick pic of him doing so.  I am SO in love with him! 

All of Noah's older siblings are doing well.  They all got new cell phones so they are pretty stoked.  Brooke and Avery got new iphones so the two of them are especially excited.  Alec got a way cooler phone than he had and he is excited about that! All three of them got their first progress reports and every one has either A-B or all A's so far.  We are encouraging them all to keep that up the whole year and then Scott and I are doing something huge for them!  Alec and Avery got new beds too! My parents brought the beds up with them when they visited and the boys got to put their own beds together.  A little man-training there. Ha!  My mom wanted to do all the kids' rooms and since Noah's is finished she moved on to the boys' "man-cave".  She is making all the kids' comforters, pillows and curtains.  So far everything looks AMAZING!  One day I will do a post of our house because I know some of our family wants to see it.  

Scott and I are good too.  Nothing interesting or exciting on our parts. He is mostly busy with work and I am busy with Noah.  Scott is taking me to see the native Texas butterfly exhibit at the museum this weekend that I have wanted to see since March.  I am SO excited! I am excited for Noah as well because he is starting to become aware of all kinds of  things around him, so I hope it'll be a good time for him too!  If I remember to take pictures I will post them. 

Now to the reason I titled this post "feeling mexcellent" -  The other day at lunch I made myself a bean burrito and I wondered if I could give Noah some of the re-fried beans.  I checked a website and it said he could have a little, like a taste of them and be fine.  So I let him try them.  Here is the video:  I am not sure it works on iphones or ipads, as I can't see it on either of my idevices.  Enjoy!

Lots of love to y'all 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Four month check up

Hi All

Last weekend we had a full house, something that Scott and I both love and want to be a constant in our lives.  Friday night we had Zerick (I think that's spelled correctly) and Soren over to spend the night.  They are Scott's late friend Darren's boys.  They are both SO cute and we love when they come over.  Alec and Avery love it too.  It's basically junk food, video game and computer game night when they are all together.  Or geek time in short.  My parents came up for the weekend and stayed the night Saturday and Scott's sister Ginny came and stayed the night as well.  Saturday day Scott's mom and Aunt Netti came over for a few hours. I told Netti about a recipe I found on Pinterest for mint brownies and she basically told me to make them immediately. Ha!  They were really good.  I had to modify the recipe a little because some of the desserts on Pinterest are ridiculously terrible for you.  As in, fattening to an extreme even I gag about and my friends, I LOVE fattening desserts.  

This week has gone by pretty quickly.  Noah had his 4 month check up and shots yesterday.  It went pretty well.  And by well, I mean, no panicking or freaking out for me (God does answer prayers). Although, I have to admit I was a little nervous. Noah pulled all his best tricks for the doctor - cooing at her and rolling over for her.  He did cry getting his shots and was fussy last night and has been so a little on and off today.  Poor baby. Here are Noah's stats: he is still in the 25th percentile for weight coming in at 13 1/2 pounds and is in the 95th percentile for height at 26 1/2 inches.  He is long and skinny.  Not a big surprise. Scott is long and skinny and I am long and semi-skinny, well, mostly kind of skinny.

Here is Noah getting his check up from his doctor

And here's what shots do to Noah

Brooke, Alec and Avery are all adjusted to being back in school.  However, they are not adjusted to the homework.  This year it is a lot for all three of them.  Brooke has hours of homework each night and Avery and Alec are not too far behind.  All three of them have committed to making the honor roll this year, so we are hoping that they all reach their goal.  

Some pictures of our week so far:

Noah playing in the car with Scott before taking Avery to school 

Noah helping daddy work (I think) they may really be checking football or baseball scores

These last four I took this morning - they are blurry but he was playing with his blanket and laughing and cooing at me, in other words, being SO cute!  In the last picture, please excuse and ignore my witch hand. ;D

Love to y'all

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of school and all

Here goes!

Last Monday was the kids' first day back to school.  Brooke started high school and was not nervous a bit!  I think I asked her at least a hundred times if she was and she kept telling me no.  She is much braver than I am!  I was always super nervous weeks before school started every year. Avery started a new school, again.  His eighth one (he likes to point that out.)  Last year Avery was able to go to the same school as Brooke and Alec even though it was out of district for him.  However when Avery's 8th grade schedule came in the mail, he had been automatically enrolled in the school closer to our house.  After inspecting his schedule a few times he decided he wanted to go to the new school.  His decision was based on the fact that his schedule had "cool" classes.  All three of the kids had a good first week and Avery has made a friend.

Scott continues to improve daily!  He is eating a hundred percent normal and has not had a single problem in months.  Yes months.  I am very happy about that!  Work is beginning to pick up for him again too which is nice!

Noah is getting bigger and bigger by the minute.  These past four months have flown by and he learns something new everyday!  He loves music and reading the most out of all the activities we do daily. He recently discovered the cat and now she catches his eye a lot. I have started letting him have a half teaspoon of mashed banana in the morning because for the past few weeks he has been lusting after our food. He will sit and watch us eat and attempt to grab things off our plates or out of our hands.  Speaking of grabbing, Noah wants to grab EVERYTHING!  If something catches his eye, he wants it and then will turn his whole body to try to get it! While being changed he grabs for the wipes, while laying in bed, he grabs for Scott's or my iPhone.  He wants my cup and he wants to turn the pages of whatever book I am reading to him. I could go on and on.  I started taking Noah on morning walks and he enjoys them as much as he can, we have gone everyday for the past week and a half and today was the only day he got upset and we had to turn straight around.

I am doing well too! I am finally starting to feel like myself again. A little less crazy but still just enough to keep things interesting. I'm kidding. Kind of.  Noah has his 4 month check up and shots next week, and I am NOT looking forward to that.  Maybe the crazy will come back after that?! Who knows?!

Lots of love to y'all!