Monday, January 9, 2017

When a week long hospital visit is a GOOD thing

Hahaahaha yeah.  That makes no sense at all but it is true and has been true before.  As y'all know, Scott had a intestinal infection that lasted for about a week.  He was pretty much in the hospital all of last week. He came home yesterday (Sunday) and he's been okay. I did have to help him up this morning because he almost fainted. I know that sounds scary, but it is something that is not uncommon for him and I have delt with it sooo many times, I am used to it. I can usually tell that its going to happen so I am able to rush over and push him up against something to keep him from falling. A lot of those times I have had Noah in my arms so, I feel pretty tough about myself in retrospect. If I had arm muscles I would totally be flexing them right now but I don't - because I am a little stick.  Now that I just got off topic, back to why this last hospital visit was good. (side note: I am going to go back and fourth a lot because there is so much back story involved and some people reading this may not know all the details.) In November, Scotts GI referred him to the Mayo Clinic to hopefully be taken on as a case because his digestive issues are so extensive and because they don't know what to do with him.  We heard from the Mayo Clinic the week before Thanksgiving and they had said they were not taking any more cases on in 2016. That was not surprising given the fact that the holiday season was starting and I am sure everyone was taking vacations and just slowing down in general.  Scott and I were not sad about the letter but felt like it was on opportunity to pray about it and have the people around us pray for and about it too! Which we all have been. Last week when he was feeling bad, he couldn't make it to the hospital where his GI is so he stopped at the hospital near our house.  Stopping there meant he got to see a new GI and have a fresh set of eyes and perspective about whats going on.  The GI at this hospital talked with his regular GI and suggested that Scott be referred to UT Southwestern for two reasons, one, its closer and the second, he won't have to wait, UT Southwestern could get him in much faster.  Obviously that is a good thing. A great thing. An answer to prayers.  Such sweet news to share with all of the people who have been waiting, hoping, and praying along side us. Most importantly we aren't waiting on a letter that could be a "no" and not doing anything while we wait for a potential "yes" letter.

After I took Noah to pre-k this morning I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the few hours I had to myself and decided I would read the chapter I needed to read for bible study and then work on the questions Wednesday.  Much to my surprise in this chapter was the story that I talked about in my bible study devotional. At bible study the leaders group are asked to share a personal experience of ours that we see God's hand in. Mine was about my horrible few months of anxiety.  The story I shared was of Jesus walking on the water and Peter asking if he could walk on water too. And he does. Then Peter takes his eyes off Jesus because he gets distracted by the wind and he gets scared, so he starts to sink. I'm obviously paraphrasing the story but the point of it is so true for me and in my life. When I take my eyes off Him, I too, sink.  At church on New Year's morning, the pastor told this story to encourage the congregation about the upcoming year ahead. I remember thinking that morning okay, okay, I get it, I do! Keep my eyes on Him. Don't worry about whats happening around you, he will come and he will pick you up. He always does. You guys, it is SO important that we know this, HE ALWAYS DOES!

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