Thursday, January 31, 2013

crawling is just the beginning

Hi All,

We are all doing well!  Noah started crawling (I'm posting a video), he started feeding himself, and he has started to pull himself up on to his feet. He is obviously determined to get up and go! To be honest, we were not surprised that as soon as he started crawling that he'd try to be up on his feet as much as he could since he has had the desire to be on his feet for months!  I expect him to be walking very soon!

Here is the video I posted on facebook of him crawling! Once again, I do not know if it will work on idevices.

The older kids are all well! One of Brooke's best friends moved into the house next door - which is so cool and she is super super excited about that!  Alec is doing great!  He drew Scott a picture and it looked so realistic!  He is such a talented artist! Avery is good too!  He made the honor roll and Tuesday night he and I tentatively planned out his HIGH SCHOOL schedule.  I want to cry re-reading that sentence. Ah! 

Scott and I are well, he is busy trying to meet some deadlines for March and I am busy with Noah. I am attempting to teach him sign language because he has a little bit of a temper. Sometimes a little bit of a big one. The idea behind teaching him to sign is that, I would like to help him communicate his wants and needs better and avoid the fits altogether. But I haven't had much luck yet mostly because he would rather look at me like I am crazy than copy the signs. 

Here are some pictures of our past few weeks:

Feeding himself peas and carrots

Playing in his new toy from Aunt Audrey and Uncle Nick! 

Just being cute! 

Getting into his books in his bedroom

I will from now on try to get more pictures of the older kids on here, but it can be harder sometimes as they are not too willing to have pictures taken! 


  1. So adorable! I can't believe how big he's getting, and how much he looks like Avery to me!

  2. We need more :) I'm on my lunch was hoping I'd see a new post! You are slacking Mama ;)