Monday, May 1, 2017

Quick update

Does being on social media ever stress you out? It stresses me out, people's political posts, the arguing that comes with them, the very interestingly worded political articles from sites that are doing  nothing but fluffing the feathers of whoever the target audience is and angering the ones who aren't.  Sometimes its just too much to have to see  day in and day out.  I'm guilty of hiding posts on Facebook of people who I even agree with simply because I am SO over everyone's opinions about everything! It's funny too because I am generally curious about others thoughts and feeling about a lot of different things, BUT, there are sooo many people on BOTH sides who are not very informed, that spout off like they just know it all. Sometimes I ask myself do I want to say something because someone looks like a jerk, or correct them because they are wrong?  I never say anything because truth be told, they don't care.  The person who posts those things are looking for people to affirm their beliefs or they're looking to argue with someone.  All of this online stress causes me to take breaks from it, deleting the aps I have, just so I don't have to see all these things all the time!  I wish I could log online and not be bombarded by whatever someone is selling, (and yes I know it changed your life and is the best thing ever), or how someone feels about a, b, or c, or someone arguing or posting about something political, and the news - for the love - why is it always sooo negative?!?  And parenting articles, that's a whole other realm of how you're a bad parent if you vaccinate, if you don't, if you spank, put your kid in time out, or don't. There are always a ton of scary things to read about kids allegedly, almost being abducted too. I had to quit my local "mom page" because the level of paranoid hysteria coming from there was almost comical but mostly sad.  That's saying a lot because well, I am an anxious person and paranoid hysteria is pretty much my standard operating level, I'm kidding, a little. So, when Lent came around I was thinking about something I could give up to focus on God more, being online was the first thing to come to mind.  Now, I could not get off social media entirely because I am involved with a few things where access and posting on Facebook is mandatory, I could miss meetings, etc. So, what I did was delete all social media off my phone and when I had to be on Facebook, I only checked notifications, did what I needed to do and would sign off. Very specifically, my rule was NO SCROLLING on the newsfeed.  I decided to fill the time I would be online with reading my bible or praying or sometimes just thinking about how gracious God has been to me and thanking Him for those things. I could not believe how much better I felt and less stressed out I was! It really went well! My new rule is to treat Facebook like your grandma treats Facebook, checking it once, or twice a day.

The kids are all okay, Brooke is having the TIME OF HER LIFE in college right now, which is great! Avery is so so so ready to graduate high school! He had senior skip day last Friday and he participated, a big thing for him, because he generally doesn't do what everyone else is doing.  Noah is doing well, he has tons of friends and he loves preschool.  Every morning he walks into class all the kids run up and hug him. His teacher always laughs and says "everyone loves Noah." Scott and I decided that we aren't sending Noah to public school next year for Kindergarten, if ever.  He's going to stay at his Montessori school and do a few days a week there and then I'll teach him at home too.  We feel like this is the best choice for him. One thing Noah is very obsessed with right now is becoming a big brother. NO, I am not pregnant but Noah talks about being a big brother all the time! So much so, that a few people have asked me if I was pregnant. I laugh about this because he has no idea what that really means.  His super spoiled life, full of attention world would come abruptly to an end the second that child came and I know he wouldn't like it at all! Plus, per the Dr that I saw when I had Noah, the next one would come faster than him and after having him in the car, I'm not sure I'd want to have a baby walking to the car or in the shower at home.  I'm imagining it now. Not fun at all!

Scott has been okay! Which is always a good, good thing!  He went to the hospital last Monday evening, came home went to bed, woke up Tuesday and went to Denver.  I have to admit that I was really mad about it, but the truth is, if  he feels good, might as well go on with what he needs to do, rather than not.  He had some type of infection, again, but they caught it early - YAY!  We went to Austin the weekend of our 6th anniversary, it was a sweet time, walking around the place we got married, staying there, and the most important thing to me was to get a picture of us under the gazebo where we got married. My plan is to get one every few years and then have however many we can get. The lady who came to take the picture of us, let us go into the reception room and see how they have remodeled which was nice to see.  It is such a beautiful venue, but I am biased.. I sent a picture to my parents of the remodel and said you probably paid for .002% of this - maybe more maybe less, I don't know, I don't do the maths. :)

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